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Vivian’s Commitment to Women

Vivian’s Commitment to Women

On the occasion of this year’s Women’s Day, Vivian took the opportunity to make a stronger commitment towards women as it has pledged to continue raising awareness in Women`s Health with the objective to empower women further.

“We are increasingly seeing women taking more interest in themselves and their personal well being. As a consequence they are eager to learn more about their health in general and more specifically, what solutions may exist for them,” says Yan Grima, General Manager at Vivian.

His comments were coming after Vivian’s successful participation as one of the main supporting sponsors at this year’s first edition of the Women’s Health and Well-Being Expo organised by the Women for Women Foundation.

“Our participation in this event went beyond showcasing some of the best brands in skin care, aesthetics and vaginal health. We wanted to be present because this was an important opportunity for us to understand better what women expect from healthcare providers like us,” added Yan.

The event discussed topics such as menopause, sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV, contraception and fertility.

“To a certain extent, topics like these are still considered as taboos and for different reasons, many women are still finding it difficult to open up about them. We have even learned of cases where a doctor would prescribe medication for any of the above and women still find themselves uncomfortable asking for them at their pharmacy,” he added.

“Therefore, wishing ‘Happy Women’s Day’ is no longer enough. We need to go beyond this to ensure women feel more empowered. Ensuring they have access to better information, better education and more opportunities to open up about their personal health will give women the right armamentarium they need,” concluded Yan.