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As part of the occasion Vivian also presented 500 mugs to the National Blood Transfusion
which will be given out to the blood donors as a token of appreciation.

Ms. Joanna Gatt, Vivian`s Managing Director said that Vivian are committed to giving people a great experience and the company focuses on how employees relate to each other internally to make working at Vivian a lovely experience. She commented that we can all learn a thing or two from the staff at the NBTS because they are so very kind and helpful, making the experience of donating blood a truly humbling and satisfying one.

Mr.Tony Micallef, Practice Nurse – Donor Liaison from NBTS said that blood donations are vital especially following a number of road incidents and operations in the past days which resulted in the depletion of `O Positive` blood. He also stressed that the procedure involved with blood donations ensures maximum safety and peace of mind for the donor.

Dr.Alex Aquilina, Director at NBTS was very appreciative with the remark Joanna made and hoped other companies would follow suit. He appealed to all to come forward to donate the most precious gift of life that comes for free, irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Donating blood is a very safe process so take the plunge come forward.”


Dr. The national blood transfusion unit strives to provide a sustainable safe blood supply in the Maltese Islands. The services offered include counselling to donors, basic biochemical screening and awareness campaigns on the importance of blood donation. For further information or appointment once can contact us on 22066201 or 79307307 (office hours), land line free phone 80074313 or e-mail us on


Founded by local pharmacist Wilfred Gatt in 1952, today, the company remains a family-run business based on solid values set out by the founder. Vivian is a leading Marketer and distributor specializing in healthcare products that improve peoples’ quality of life.

The Healthcare Division of Vivian, market and distribute world-leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Whilst providing pharma, biotech and diagnostics, Vivian offers both to the healthcare professional and the patient alike, a holistic and sustainable approach not only to diagnose a condition but also to treat with the right treatment at the right time.